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Dear Salathai Partner Hotel, Restaurant, Resort or related operation

We are prepared to lease our domains to a Salathai Operation which qualifies for the businesses above stated. We are generally not selling our domains however we are willing to lease out our domains to a purely restaurant, resort or hotel operation.

We shall approve the lease by the condition that the interested party will send in some kind of evidence and statement that they will use the domain only for the related industries. In no case we shall sell or lease our domain to a so called domain speculator or to any other than mentioned above business purpose.

Our yearly leasing rates are in most cases just slightly above our equal the  cost of renewing the domain at the respective registrars.

It is not our interest to make profit on this service but to avoid that these domains are used for any unrelated purpose. Our interest is to provide a Salathai operation with the proper identification on the world wide web and to help promote our link partners.

Once a lease agreement is closed we will up on receival of the relevant registration fee instantly renew the domain for the lease period on the agreement.

Provided the Salathai operation is submitting the correct evidence we are willing to lease out the domain for up to 30 years however we are restricted by ICANN to renew the domain for a maximum of 10 years and for cc.TLDs   for the term the registry allows us to do so.

Following fees apply :                  19.90  US Dollar per annum                 17.90  US Dollar per annum                   25,00  Euro         per annum



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